Proven Solutions Accounting

Making business profitable through accountability for over 20 years!

A Proven Solution

Finally a powerful and proven accounting system, designed, built and priced for small and medium sized business with BIG NEEDS. Proven Solutions Accounting exceeds all of your business needs by creating a simple, intuitive, powerful and very affordable solution for any size of business.

This should come as no surprise, when you consider CanAm Systems' long standing success with accounting software development. Our solution has grown in leaps and bounds due to our vertical market add-ons and affordable custom solutions. Being a Proven solution means starting with a clean layout and easy to navigate screens, along with the use of large intuitive icons will make your users feel right at home both in the office and on the road.

Training & Support

PSA has the number one ranked support center in North America; we provide unparalleled telephone and On-line training/support to our Customers. We also offer on site training as well as a context sensitive Help manuals in both a PDF and video format. As well we are the only solution with an in-depth customer follow up program to ensure your success with PSA.


Our implementation and conversion process is a six-eight week program that allows us to properly build your database structure, define security,  users, as well as shape your chart of accounts, locations/divisions and so much more. Let us guide you through all of the required setup and preferences that distract from learning the software.

Data Conversion

Minimize the initial data entry associated with moving to a new system. Our data conversion utility allows us to simply take your key legacy data, and easily import it into PSA. Our data approval process takes your staff through the information to ensure it's accuracy.

Relationship Management

Customers, Vendors, Employees and Sales leads use a common format to store and deliver a wealth of information. Statistical detail, contact logs, detail history and special pricing are just some of the data that is available at the click of your mouse. Drill down from the history screen and view the original invoice or order. Click another button and view the complete history.

Inventory Management

Inventory management is a critical part of any management accounting system. In PSA we have included many standard features such as build assembled items, multi level pricing, multiple warehouses, serialized pricing, alternate vendors, multiple sales price methods, FIFO or average inventory costing, warehouse transfers, duplicate items and adjustments. Through the use of drill downs and direct links, a user can quickly gather all the information they require.


Contact Management and its scheduling components have traditionally been left to separate stand alone applications. With Proven Solutions you no longer have to leave your accounting system to get the information you require.

A Complete Package

PSA has the ability to undo any transaction, customize your financials statements, create and monitor company budgets & cash flow as well as full bank and credit card reconciliations and so much more, all in one seamless solution.

Proven Solutions Accounting is the most complete mid range accounting solution on the market today. We also have integration into all the top payroll services in North America allowing you to streamline your payroll process.

Standard Features

Standard Modules